Best Practices Policy (BPP)
This Best Practices Policy, or Code of Conduct if you prefer, governs the way in which we do business at hoteliport. It defines the ethical principles upon which we provide products and services. We expect our partners to endorse this policy and to operate with a similar level of integrity.
1. We do what we say are going to do.
  In selling a product or service, we make promises about the content and performance of the deliverable concerned. Therefore, we shall avoid misguidance and endevour to give our customers a good understanding of what they are buying such that our products and services are well received upon delivery. This principle helps us build trust and avoid disputes.
2. Confidentiality.
  Information collected from, compiled about or stored on behalf of our customers shall be kept in the strictest confidence. This concerns in particular, but not exclusively, personal or company information, email addresses and passwords and financial data. Any 3rd-party requests for such information shall be referred to the customer concerned for consideration. That said, it should be made clear that the personal and credit card details of persons reserving accommodation are made available - under appropriate security constraints - to the accommodation establishment with which they are booking and the contact information of that accommodation establishment will be supplied to the person making the reservation.
3. Security.
  We shall maintain maximum security and integrity of our software and network servers by employing proven and reliable coding and server technologies and aligning ourselves with diligent and responsible partners to ensure that our operations are PCI Compliant and continue to meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.
4. Endorsement of This Policy.
  hoteliport employees, partners and affiliates who have access to our networks and any customers who use our systems to handle other persons' personal or credit card data shall be required to endorse this Best Practice Policy fully and wholeheartedly and shall agree to indemnify hoteliport against any liability arising from their use of our systems.
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