Introduction and Overview
hoteliport is an online Property Management System for hotels and other types of accommodation providers.
Because hoteliport resides on the internet ("in the Cloud"), it is accessible from anywhere using a web-browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
• We recommend Google Chrome - for smoother graphics, better printing options and greater stability.
Clients of hoteliport are individual hotels or companies managing a group of hotels.
Each Client has a "ClientName" such as BestHotel or BestHotelGroup and a log-in URL such as or
Single Client-accounts contain just one property and group Client-accounts can contain several properties selectable from a list at the top of the hoteliport window.
On-page Help
You will see the question-mark icon on almost every page inside hoteliport. Hover your mouse-pointer over the icon to see contextual, on-page help messages.
Scope of Operation
hoteliport has a wide spectrum of functionality containing everything a hotel needs for day-to-day operations, historical overview and forward planning.
Some of the main functions are:
  • Room-types and Room-numbers
    Any number of room-types and individual rooms can be configured.
  • Reservation Data Files
    Reservations can be manually entered into the system by hotel staff, and they also enter automatically via online bookings from Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and the hoteliport booking-engine Hotel Booking Window.
    Each reservation has an editable Reservation Data File (RDF) containing all pertinent information and functions for:
    • Customer Data
      All items of customer information can be edited.
    • Changing Dates
      Check-in and check-out dates can be modified.
    • Move to another room
      Reservations can be moved to any other room-type or room-number.
    • Cancel
      Reservations can be cancelled (and later re-booked if required).
    • Group bookings
      Reservations can be gathered into groups or detached from their group as required.
    • Modify rates
      The rate for each night of a reservation can be individually edited.
    • Accommodation Vouchers
      Accommodation vouchers can be generated and sent by email.
  • Invoicing
    Accommodation invoices are generated as reservations enter the system and they are automatically updated everytime reservations are modified.
    Additional items can be added, chosen from a fully configurable Point Of Sale Menu of auxiliary products and services.
    "Roomless" invoices (not connected to any reservation) can be created too, for billing of non-staying guests.
  • Calendar - interactive graphic calendar
    The Calendar page shows 10 - 31 days of each room with reservations displayed in colour-codes signifying their status: Requested, Confirmed, In-house, Checked-out or Blocked.
    Left-click opens a mini-overview of the reservation, and right-click opens the full Reservation Data File.
    Using the drag-and-drop function, reservations can be moved to other rooms and/or other dates.
  • Rate-plan Management
    hoteliport has a sophisticated system for building and maintaining rate-plans.
    Walk-in type rate-plans are used when reservations are manually entered into the system. These can hold standard, discounted or increased rates and can be assigned to different agents.
    OTA rate-plans are assigned to Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and are an integral part of enabling the hoteliport Sales Channel Manager to automatically maintain rates and availability on OTA websites.
  • Sales Channel Management
    The hoteliport Sales Channel Manager manages both offline and online agents, maintaining contact information, billing profiles and rate-plans.
    When making reservations, selecting the Agent gets the correct rates and billing information for the invoice.
    The Sales Channel Manager automatically maintains rates and availability and receives online-bookings from:
    • Expedia QuickConnect (EQC)
      including Expedia,, travelocity, trivago, wotif and many more.
    • Web Reservations International (WRI)
      including Hostelworld, and will soon connect with too.
    • hoteliport Booking Window - the online-booking engine you can connect to your hotel website.
    • Work on connecting hoteliport to several other OTAs is ongoing.
  • hoteliport Booking Window
    With simple "Book Now" buttons and links on hotel website pages, social-media pages and even in emails, you can connect to hoteliport Booking Window.
    Rates and availability are always correct and up-to-date and bookings enter the system automatically.
    The Booking Window accepts and stores credit card data in hoteliport's PCI-Compliant storage facility.