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hoteliport rate-plans can be made for up to 24 months into the future.
There are three types of rate-plan:
  1. Walk-in
    The Walk-in rate-plan is used when reservations are manually entered into hoteliport, unless another rate-plan is chosen.
    This rate-plan can be copied and adjusted for discounts and / or surcharges for use with Travel Agents who phone, fax or email reservations to the hotel.
    When manually entering these bookings into hoteliport, the appropriate rate-plan can be selected to ensure the correct agent-rates.
  2. hoteliport HBW
    The hoteliport HBW rate-plan is used exclusively by hoteliport Booking Window - the online booking engine.
    This rate-plan contains information about discounts, minimum-stays, surcharges for extra persons / beds and Confirmation and Cancellation Policies.
    The hoteliport HBW rate-plan cannot be copied.
  3. OTA-
    OTA- rate-plans are used with Online Travel Agents and automatically maintain rates and availability at OTAs connected to the hoteliport Sales Channel Manager.
    Each day of an OTA- rate-plan contains settings for Closed (rate-plan Closed), Inventory (Availability), CTA (Closed To Arrival), CTD (Closed To Departure), Min.LOS (Minimum Length Of Stay), Max.LOS (Maximum Length Of Stay), plus surcharges for extra persons / beds for those OTAs which support them.
    OTA- rate-plans do not contain Confirmation and Cancellation Policies because these are always set by the OTAs' own software.
    Every time an OTA rate-plan is edited in hoteliport, the changes are automatically uploaded to connected OTAs.
Rate-plan names exist in all room-types.
There are Walk-in and hoteliport HBW rate-plans for every room-type, and when you make a new rate-plan, it is created in every room-type too.
Rate-plan management is done one rate-plan, one room-type at a time.
Select the room-type and rate-plan, start month and number of months in the grid, then click the screen to load the rate-plan for editing.
Walk-in rate-plans
Rates can be edited invidually by typing a new value into the grid and then clicking the Save button.
To edit a date range, you must select it first. In the grid, click on the start date and then the end-date (inclusive).
Notice that these dates are now displayed in From and To.
Enter the new rate value in Rate per night then click the Set button.
Notice that the new rate is now set in all dates in the selected date-range.
You may now select a new date-range and repeat as above.
Finally, click the Save button.
To set rates only for specific days, use the Include these days check-boxes before selecting the date-range.
HBW rate-plans
The hoteliport Booking Window online-booking engine for hotel websites supports discounts attached to minimum stays (Min. LOS), and it also supports rates for extra adults, children and infants using baby-cots.
Each setting can be edited individually in the grid, or date-ranges can be edited as described above for Walk-in rate-plans.
If you consider this image closely, you'll see that rates were set to 100 for a longer period in a previous operation and in this operation, Fridays and Saturdays for the second two weeks in December are being set to offer a 15% discount if both nights are booked.
The Booking Window informs guests of the applicable policies for confirmation and cancellation, so they should be set here in the HBW rate-plan.
Here are some examples of the short-hand used in the drop-down lists for these policies:
  • Confirmation Policy
    CC = deposit required by credit card
    1n = deposit is the price of the first night
    (3n = deposit is the price of the first night * 3)
    bt = deposit payment charged at booking time
    (10d = deposit payment charged 10 days before check-in)
    ci = remainder to be paid at check-in
    (10d = remainder to be paid 10 days before check-in)
    (co = remainder to be paid at check-out)
  • Cancellation Policy
    C = if cancelled
    10d = 10 days before check-in
    (3d = 3 days before check-in)
    1n = penalty is the price of 1 night
    (100% = penalty is 100% of the booking price)
    NS = if no-show
    1n = penalty is the price of 1 night
    (100% = penalty is 100% of the booking price)
OTA rate-plans
Since rate-plan management systems are different at every Online Travel Agent, the hoteliport OTA rate-plan manager combines all the various settings in one rate-plan model and the hoteliport software distributes the settings to the OTAs which support them.
Thus we simplify this complex process and avoid having different rate-plan managers for each OTA.
As with all rate-plans, each setting can be edited individually in the grid, and date-ranges can be edited by first clicking the From-date then the To-date in the grid, then using the settings panel above to set all the selected dates.
New rate-plans
To make a new rate-plan, click the New button. The rate-plan will appear in every room-type.
To make a "walk-in" type rate-plan, simply enter the new rate-plan name and click Confirm.
Rate-plans for Online Travel Agents have a special format and their names must start with "OTA-", so tick the "For Online Travel Agent" check-box to make a rate-plan for OTAs.
Copying rate-plans
It is also possible to make a new rate-plan of either type by copying an existing rate-plan and optionally applying a rate decrease or increase in the process.
A list of rate-plans appears when you tick the "Copy an existing rate-plan" check-box.
Select the rate-plan you want to copy and enter its name.
To adjust the rates while making the copy, enter the adjustment percentage value in the "Adjust rates" boxes.
Rate-plan Linkage
When rate-plans are linked to a "master" rate-plan, selected edits to the master are copied and saved to the linked rate-plans.
Linking rate-plans allows you to have different rate-plans for different purposes without having to edit each one individually.
To manage rate-plan linkage, click the Linkage button at top-right of the Rate-plan Manager page.
The linkage configuration in the image above shows four rate-plans linked to the OTA-RoomOnly rate-plan, and one linked to the Walk-in rate-plan.
For the OTA (Online Travel Agent) rate-plans, the Closed, Min. LOS, CTA and CTD attributes are not ticked so they will not be copied when the OTA-RoomOnly rate-plan is edited. This allows these attributes to be set individualy in the linked rate-plans.
When rates in the the OTA-RoomOnly rate-plan are edited, they are saved with a 20% increase to the OTA-RoomOnly-Peak rate-plan, an 8% increase to the OTA-Room-BF rate-plan and a 28% increase to the OTA-Room-BF-Peak rate-plan.
The Walk-in rate-plan is not linked to the OTA rate-plans, so edits to the OTA-RoomOnly rate-plan are not copied to it.
The discount 15% rate-plan is linked to the Walk-in rate-plan with a 15% discount.
Manage Rate-plans / Agents
To view and manage the Agents which a rate-plan is assigned to, click the Manage button. Use the Sales Channel Manager to manage OTA Rate-plans.
The list shows all Agents using the presently-selected rate-plan.
To assign a different rate-plan to an Agent in the list, click the Change Rate-plan button and select a rate-plan.
Rate-plans may also be re-named. All Agents using the rate-plan will be updated with the new name.
Delete a Rate-plan
Rate-plans may only be deleted when they are not in use by any Agent in the system. Use the Sales Channel Manager to manage OTA Rate-plans.
While a rate-plan is in use, the Delete this Rate-plan button is not available.
Manage Agents / Rate-plans
To view and manage the rate-plans assigned to Agents, click the View / Manage button. Use the Sales Channel Manager to manage OTA Rate-plans.
The list shows all Agents and the rate-plans which are assigned to them.
To assign a different rate-plan to an Agent in the list, click the Change Rate-plan button and select a rate-plan.