Check-in, check-out, Close the Day
The Today page is where Check-ins and Check-outs are managed, and it also keeps the system up-to-date by enforcing the Close the Day function.
If the previous day is not "Closed", the Today page will show that day instead of the present day.
The image above shows the Today page for 30 December, 2015.
Room 1 was checked-in yesterday and is due to check-out today.
Room 21 checks-in today.
You can open the RDF by clicking the line.
Notice that both bookings have 1 invoice "OPEN".
  • Guests can be check-in without having to pay the invoice,
  • but guests cannot be checked-out before invoices are paid.
To check-in Room 21, click the Check-in check-box.
To check-out Room 1, click the Check-out check-box. Since one invoice is not yet paid, the RDF and the invoice will open.
Complete invoice payments and "Save as PAID", then close the RDF. This will also close the invoice.
Notice that the Today page now shows that the invoice is paid.
You may now check the guest out by clicking the Check-out check-box.
When all check-ins and check-outs have been processed, the "Close the Day" button is orange. Click it to conclude business for the day.
The "Clean" check-boxes are (intended to be) managed by housekeeping staff.
Ticked indicates that the room has been made-up and is ready for new check-in.
The "Clean" check-boxes can be ticked here on the Today page and on the Housekeeping page.
They stay ticked until midnight.