Hotel Management System (PMS)

  hoteliport PMS hotel management system software features dialogs and interfaces to:
  • Enter new reservations manually using any rate-plan in the system
  • Automatically accept online bookings from Online Travel Agents (OTAs)
  • Sell direct from your own website and social media
  • Manipulate room-bookings in any way required
  • Manage billing invoices for accommodation and anything else with the general POS system
  • Build and maintain rate-plans for multiple purposes and campaigns
  • Manage sales channels - both offline and online travel agents
  • Ensure that each day's business activities are concluded and logged
  • Manage hotel housekeeping with smart-phone communication between staff and reception
  • Produce performance reports to aid analysis and forward planning
  • Export reports in CSV files for use in spreadsheet software
Hotel management system software in development right now:
  • POS - dedicated Point of Sale system for restaurants and bars
    - the POS features smart-phone interface for table servers, tablet or desktop interface for the kitchen / serving area (or a single-point interface for both), and inventory management
  • CRM - Customer Relations Management system
    - the CRM identifies previous and returning customers, manages email lists and helps develop loyalty programmes

Cloud-based Hotel Software

  hoteliport PMS software system is served from our super cloud webservers - it's exceedingly fast and completely stable, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Perhaps best of all, it's extremely economic since the "Software as a Service" principle enables us to keep deployment and support costs down.

Immediate human support 24 / 7

  We thrive on our happy, efficient customers making good business returns, and we support you in every way we can. Each member of our team knows everything about the system and there's always at least one who can quickly respond to your support requests.

Ongoing hotel software development

  We continue developing our hotel management system software toward our end-goal of bulding hoteliport into not just a highly-favoured PMS, but an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution as well. We can already manage several hotel properties from one account, and we have many more functionalities on the drawing board, planned to enable convienient management of absolutely all aspects of providing in-house hospitality.

Support for mobile devices

  hoteliport PMS runs well on tablet (touchscreen) devices whose width is at least 1280 pixels. These include the Galaxy Tab (3, 7 and 10), iPad (3, 4, Mini 2, Pro), Google Pixel and many more.
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Accommodation Invoice - hotel software
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