Hotel Rateplan Management
  The hoteliport rateplan management system is a sofisticated tool for building and maintaining rate-plans for "Walk-in" reservations and bookings from "brick-and-mortar" travel agents and Online Travel Agency channels. Any number of rate-plans can be made for two years into the future.
  The Walk-in rate-plan (one for each different room-type) is normally the hotel's rack-rate. It can be copied with applied discounts - or increases - and assigned to different agents so that the system uses the intended rates when reservations are made, wherever they originate from.
  There are settings for room-per-night (1 person per single-type room; 2 persons per double-type room; 3 persons per triple ... and so on). Rate-plans assigned to Online Travel Agents also have settings for Closed-to-Arrival, Closed-to-Departure, Minimum Length-of-Stay, Maximum-length-of-Stay, and room-type Closed.
  For OTAs which are connected through the hoteliport Channel Manager, rates and inventory are uploaded automatically every time rate-plan changes are saved.
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Rate-plan management - hotel software
  Software as a Service (SaaS), developed and operated by: Co. Ltd.
  Hua Hin, Thailand.