Hotel Reporting Software

  Hotel reporting software provides business perfomance overviews that helps hotel management with analysis and forward planning.
  hoteliport generates performance reports for individual rooms, specific room-types, or all room types.
  The reports pages can be printed and exported in CSV files for use in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.
  The Daily Revenue report shows income from accommodation per room, per day, for the selected month, and also provides graphic charts showing percentage occupancy per room, or per day.
  The Booking Source report shows bookings received from a particular source ("Walk-in" or Agent) for the selected day or month and displays their total value at the foot of the list.
  The Check-ins report shows arrivals for the the selected day or month and identifies the room numbers and the guests' names. The Check-outs report does the same for departures.
  The Confirmed Reservations report shows bookings created for the selected room-types during the selected 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period and displays their check-in and check-out dates, pax, price and booking source. The bookings' total value is also displayed. The Unconfirmed Reservations report does the same for bookings which are not (yet) confirmed.
  hoteliport hotel reporting software also features an Invoiced Transactions report which displays a detailed overview of invoice posts made by a specific system-user on a particular day or month and provides management and staff with a details of transactions to be accounted for by each staff member.
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