Hotel Reservations Management System

  hoteliport hotel reservations management system provides a rich suite of software tools for editing / modifying reservation details. The Calendar page displays 10 to 31 days of all rooms in all room-types with reservations colour-coded and showing the guests' names. It also shows bedding details and the walk-in rate for each night. Reservations can be moved with Drag and Drop, and each one has an "info-bubble" which provides access to the Move, Cancel and Folio interfaces.

Manage Reservations in Folios

  Reservations are managed with the Folio dialog, which can contain one or several room-bookings. The upper part of the Folio shows who created the Folio on which date, where the booking originated ("Walk-in" or Agent name), the guest's name, number of adults, children and infants, plus notes. There are buttons for cancelling all rooms in the reservation, for viewng the hotel reservation voucher and the Folio's invoices, for adding more rooms and saving changes.
  In the lower part of the Folio there is a tab for each room-booking in the reservation. The details of each room-booking can be edited individually and each one can be moved (to another room), its check-in and check-out dates can be modified, its invoice can be edited and its history viewed. A room can be detached from a group-booking, in which case it gets its own Folio.
  To make a new booking, click the New Booking button at top-right, or click on a room number in the Calendar. Set check-in and check-out dates in the first dialog, enter guest name, choose room-type and room-number in the second dialog, then continue to create and open the new Folio. An accommodation invoice is created automatically, and it's updated automatically every time reservation details are altered.

Room to move ...

  We constantly develop our hotel reservations management software to provide maximum functionality, so we've added the ClipBoard. The ClipBoard provides a way of creating temporary space in a crowded Calendar where it can be difficult to optimize availability by moving bookings tighter together. Use the Move function to place a booking the ClipBoard, which removes it from the Calendar and makes re-arranging the Calendar easier. Finally, move the booking back from the ClipBoard into the Calendar via the Choose_Room dialog.
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Reservation info-bubble
Drag'n'Drop in the Calendar
Reservation Folio
Set booking dates
Choose Room
Confirm room-type / rate change - hotel software
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