Hotel Software

  hoteliport PMS hotel management software has all the tools you need to run your small-to-medium sized hotel, B&B or guest-house, including front-desk and online booking, billing and secure credit-card storage, management of rate-plans and travel-agents, sales channels, reports and housekeeping.
  There's even a Point of Sale system - a fully-editable menu of miscellaneous items - that you can use to make invoices/receipts for the sale of anything at all.

Drag and Drop hotel calendar

  hoteliport hotel software approaches the business of daily hotel management from the perspective of an interactive calendar which provides a visual overview of hotel occupancy, with each reservation colour-coded showing its status and displaying the guest's name. Easily move reservations from one room to another using drag and drop.
  One click opens the reservation Folio which contains all the reservation's information and editing functions for moving, modifying, cancelling, adding rooms, invoicing and so on. A Folio can contain any number of rooms, making group bookings easy to manage.

Check-ins and check-outs, managed Today

  Check-ins and check-outs are managed on the Today page.
Arrivals and departures (and their invoices) need to be confirmed each day, before the Today page moves on to the present day. This keeps the system up-to-date and prevents any reservations being left behind, unhandled.

Hotel Housekeeping by smart-phone

  The Housekeeping page enables you to assign staff-members to individual (or groups of) rooms and to write notes of any specific issues which need attention. Print these out on paper, or let the housekeping staff use the smart-phone webpage to communicate messages back to reception or the housekeeping manager.

Accommodation Invoices, automatic!

  For every new reservation, the hoteliport hotel software creates an invoice for the accommodation. Prices are taken from the rate-plan associated with the agent (or "Walk-in") who originated the booking. These invoices are automatically updated if reservation details are modified, and they can be billed to the guest or the agent and must be paid (or at least sent to the accounts ledger) before the guest checks out.

Overviews and Reports

  Overviews which aid analysis and planning are provided on the Reports page.
Changes to invoices are recorded in the Invoiced Transactions view; Daily Revenue shows gross accommodation income per room and room-type for each month; and the other report views show bookings by origin, date and status. Reports can be printed or exported for use in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.
  hoteliport imposes no limits on number of room-types or individual rooms, and charges no commission at all.
  Sales and marketing tools include hoteliport Booking Window, an optimized-for-mobile online booking engine which can be launched from your hotel website, emails or social-media pages, and the Channel Manager which connects you to Expedia and Hostelworld for free, and 10 more OTA / GDS channels via our RTConnect integration.
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The hotel calendar
The Today page
Reservation Folio
Accommodation Invoice - hotel software
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