New at hoteliport
These are the most recent additions and updates to the hoteliport hotel software.
Expedia and Hostelworld channel upgrades
   Version 2.1.1, 24 October 2017.
Hostelworld introduces non-refundable rate-plans and improved protocols for rate and availability updates: these are now incorporated into hoteliport.
Expedia extends its list of point-of-sale brands to include Egencia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Wotif, Hotwire, CheapTickets, Ebookers, MrJet,, American Express Travel, Amex The Hotel Collection and Amex FINE HOTELS AND RESORTS. These have all been added to the list of Online Travel Agents in hoteliport so that the source of Expedia-group bookings can be properly identified.
hoteliport also now supports Expedia's Value Add Promotions which you can configure in your Expedia Partner Central backend.
This version also introduces graphic charts to enhance the Daily-Revenue Report. The bar chart for each room-type shows percentage occupancy for each room for the month on view, making each room's performance perfectly clear.
Channel Manager Extension
   Version 2.1.0, released on 1 July 2017, extended the hoteliport Channel Manager with connection to several more Online Travel Agents managed by our new RTConnect channel. In partnership with eRevMax, company behind RateTiger, we have integrated RTConnect as a single interface to a group of 10 OTAs which hoteliers can choose from a list. Find details on the Hotel Channel Manager page.
Smart-phone interface for Housekeeping staff
   hoteliport version 2.0.06 introduced the smart-phone interface for Housekeeping staff on Tuesday, April 19 2017.
 This interface is a log-in protected web-page which housekeeping staff can use to follow their work schedules, update rooms' "Ready" status and even send messages back to reception.
Extended Housekeeping functionality
   hoteliport version 2.0.05 was released on Saturday, 15 April 2017, introducing extended functionality in the Housekeeping department.
 Housekeeping management can now assign specific housekeeping staff to specific rooms, and can even write notes and instructions about each room.
 The whole page can also be printed for distribution among the housekeeping staff.
 More upgrades to housekeeping functionality are planned for the very near future.
Improved page navigation
   hoteliport version 2.0.04 was released on Monday, 10 April 2017, introducing improved navigation for the Calendar, Today, Housekeeping and Rates & Availability pages.
 Each of these now has a drop-down menu which enables instant scrolling to specific room-types. The Calendar menu also now features immediate scrolling to specific room numbers, and all four include a quick-find-a-folio feature - just type in the Folio ID and hit Enter.
Version 2.0 released
   hoteliport version 2.0 was released on Friday, 24 March 2017.
2.0 introduces the new "Folio" dialog which replaces the previous "Reservation Data File" interface. Folios contain one or several room reservations, their invoices, reservation voucher and all editing functions. The Folio interface is clearer and faster than the previous solution.
2.0 also improves the Invoice Manager and provides a new "all-at-a-glance" overview of occupancy, check-ins and check-outs for today and tomorrow.
Rate-plan Linkage
   Although hoteliport rate-plans are independent of each other, they can now be linked together such that editing one rate-plan causes selected changes to be copied and saved to other rate-plans as well. This vastly improves support for rate-parity across several sales-channels while still allowing individual rate-plans for specific purposes.
Channel Manager connected to Hostelworld Group
   The hoteliport Sales Channel Manager now receives online bookings from, and
 Rate-plans and inventory are automatically updated on Hostels.Inbox any time rates are changed or rooms are booked or bookings are modified in hoteliport.
 Work on connecting the channel manager to other OTAs is ongoing.
Rates & Availability page
   The former "Availability" page is now called "Rates & Availability" - see the change in the main menu.
 The page now shows a read-only view of the "Walk-in" rate and the number of rooms available for any period of 31 days for all room-types.
New Help pages
   The hoteliport Help pages are all being re-written at https://www/
 Help now opens in a separate browser-tab to make it more easily accessible while working with the system.
Calendar page drag-and-drop
   Moving reservations from room to room just became far easier and far quicker with the introduction of the drag-and-drop function.
 Put your mouse-pointer down (press and hold the left mouse button) on a reservation in the Calendar and move it to any room as required. Then release the mouse button.
New and improved Search page
   Search has been completely re-designed and significantly improved with new functionality.
 It not only helps you find specific reservations more easily, but it also produces lists to aid your analysis efforts.
 Print in landscape format and Export your search results in csv files for opening in your spreadsheet software.
Channel Manager connected to Expedia Quick Connect
   The hoteliport Sales Channel Manager now receives online bookings from Expedia,, Venere, Travelocity, Hotwire, Trivago, Egencia, Wotif and Classic Vacations.
 Rate-plans and inventory are automatically updated on Expedia Partner Central any time rates are changed or rooms are booked or bookings are modified in hoteliport.
 Work on connecting the channel manager to other OTAs is ongoing.
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