Premium RTConnect Channels
  In partnership with eRevMax, the hoteliport channel manager connects to a host of Online Travel Agents (OTAs) plus Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and "meta-search" solutions like TripAdvisor and Kayak.
  All changes to rate-plans and availability in hoteliport are automatically uploaded to RTConnect, which then distributes them to all connected channels, and incoming reservations are automatically downloaded.
  We would love to be able to provide this extended channel manager service for free (as with Expedia and Hostelworld), but since we buy these connections from eRevMax, we have to charge a modest monthly fee to cover this cost. Therefore ...
  We offer a package of 10 channel connections via RTConnect under the following terms:
  • Contract period: 1 Year
  • Start/Set up fee: GBP 300.00 per property
  • Monthly fee: GBP 100.00 per property, paid quarterly in advance
  • Charge per reservation delivered: GBP 2.00
  • Notice of termination: 1 month
  • Annual renewal fee: GBP 100.00
  Set up and ongoing support is provided by hoteliport.
Some of the RTConnect channels
                                               - hotel software
  Software as a Service (SaaS), developed and operated by: Co. Ltd.
  Hua Hin, Thailand.