Terms Of Service (TOS)
hoteliport hotel booking software is provided under the following Terms of Service:
Terminology used in this document ...
  • hoteliport is the hotel booking software provided by hoteliport.com.
  • Hotel means any accommodation provider or agent using hoteliport.
  • Guest means any person making accommodation reservations using hoteliport.
1. Electronic Signature.
  Use of any hoteliport service constitutes acceptance of and agreement with hoteliport com's Terms of Service (TOS) as defined in this document.
2. Elegibility and Purpose.
  Any juristic person (individual, company, hotel, agent, etc.) in the accommodation industry is eligible to use hoteliport for the purpose of managing and maintaining accommodation / hospitality business.
3. License.
  Trial License.
All new accounts start with full access to all systems for a period of 21 days, free of charge.
hoteliport Partner License.
The Partner License costs GBP 2.50 per room per month, with the minimum monthly charge being GBP 30. Payment can be made monthly by credit card or PayPal balance to hoteliport owners acdit.com Ltd. through the payment procedure available on the hoteliport Admin page. The system displays reminder messages starting 2 days before payment is due. The due-date can always be seen on the Admin page.
hoteliport services are sold as seen during the free trial period; therefore, no refund requests shall be entertained.
There are no commission charges and no limit to the number of reservations which can be handled.
There is no limit to the number of room-types which may be created, and no limit to the number of indvidual rooms.
4. Guests' Credit Card Details.
  Credit card data is handled in accordance with Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council regulations. Hotels which require Guests' credit card details must agree to the hoteliport Credit Card Data Collection Agreement and electronically confirm their agreement by ticking the appropriate checkbox on the hoteliport Admin page. hoteliport has the right to suspend Hotels' access to credit card data if any event gives reasonable cause to do so.
5. Approval.
  All accounts are subject to the approval of hoteliport.com.
6. Interruptions.
  hoteliport users need to acknowledge that online services provided by hoteliport.com are of such a nature that service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of hoteliport.com and that damages resulting from any interruption of service are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, users agree that hoteliport.com shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes.
7. Changes.
  hoteliport.com has the right to change, add or delete details of any hoteliport.com product or service or amend its policies at any time, but must conclude all ongoing business exactly as agreed before any such changes take effect.
  hoteliport.com - hotel software
  Software as a Service (SaaS), developed and operated by:
  acdit.com Co. Ltd.
  Hua Hin, Thailand.