The Housekeeping page lists every room and displays its "Bedding Code" and its "Ready" status, and provides functions to update both.
Housekeeping staff can be assigned to specific rooms, and notes can be written for them to refer to.
The page can be printed out for distribution to housekeeping staff, and they can also be given access to the smart-phone interface where they can update rooms' Ready status and edit the notes.
Change Bedding Code
Click the room-number or bed-type to open the Bedding Code editor.
Choose the required code from the drop-down list and click Confirm. Saving is automatic.
Change Ready Status
"Ready" means that a room is ready for occupancy, and there's a red tick in the check-box. An empty box signifies that the room is not ready.
When a room is ready, tick the box. Saving is automatic.
NOTE: On check-out, rooms are marked "not ready".
Assign Staff to Rooms
Click the Assign button to open the Assignments dialog. (System Administrators only).
The rows in the dialog are level with the rows on the page, so all the room-type tabs should be open such that all rooms are displayed.
From the drop-downs (for each room-type), choose a housekeeping staff member (see "Create Housekeeping staff-members" section below).
Tick the check-boxes to assign that staff-member to specific rooms, or tick the box at the top to assign to all rooms.
Un-tick the box to remove the assignment. (Then, perhaps, choose a different staff-member to assign to that room).
If the drop-down selector reads "Choose a staff member", assignments are cleared when the check-boxes are ticked.
Saving is automatic.
Write and Edit Notes (about specific rooms)
Notes, advice, instructions to staff about specific rooms can be written in any language.
Using the smart-phone interface, housekeeping staff can also edit and update these notes.
Saving is not automatic - you must use the Save button.
Create Housekeeping staff-members (to enable access to the smart-phone interface)
A Housekeeping staff-member has a hoteliport log-in like all other users, but they are not permitted access to the PMS -
Housekeeping staff are enabled for access to the smart-phone interface (see next section).
System Administrators can create Housekeeping staff-members on the Admin page ...
Scroll down to the Users section and make new user whose Username starts with "hk_".
Smart-phone interface
Users whose Username starts with "hk_" can access the smart-phone interface (but cannot access the PMS).
The smart-phone interface is web-page, so it is reached via the browser on the smart-phone.
The URL is < your property's clientName > &un= < hk_username >
Example: If your property's clientName (see in your browser's address bar) is "HotelSandbox" and the housekeeping staff-member's username is "hk_Mary@hs",
Mary's URL for the smart-phone interface would be
Bookmark this URL - The smart-phone URL should be bookmarked in the phone's browser for quick and easy access.